23 & recovering.

the trials and triumphs


Anonymous asked: Hey I'm 17, so I'm a bit younger than you. But I was just wondering.. and please don't answer if this is too personal, but I was just wondering if you were a COA (child of addicts)


I am not. My parents are anti drug and alcohol. Lol. My grandparents are too, but addiction and alcoholism are both in the family.

zordoncalling asked: I figure you aren't an authority, but an AA search showed you. What do I do about an unresponsive sponser? He never answers his calls and rarely answers his voicemail.


Honestly, I would find a new sponsor. Having an unresponsive sponsor is not conducive to your recovery and is actually putting you in danger, as your sponsor is the one you’re supposed to depend on to be there when you need someone the most. That’s a commitment they make by agreeing to sponsor you. Even if you just get a temporary sponsor, I would switch. If he’s that way now, he probably will not change. Doesn’t have to end on a bad note. Just tell him you thought you guys would be a better fit, but you are going to keep searching for the perfect one. Best of luck & I apologize for the delayed response. Xo

dontgetattached asked: Hi! I looked up CNA tags on tumblr and found your blog. I'm interested in getting certified. If you have a moment, I was wondering if you mind explaining the classes you took/ when and where (doesn't have to be terribly specific, just like did you take them at a red cross? community college, etc.) you took them? Thank you! Hope all is well.


Hi! I took my CNA class at the community college. It was the most fun I have ever had in a class. I made life long friends! Only took three months, and did clinicals at the local hospital. The skills test in North Carolina has become quite difficult, as it is very particular. But I don’t think it’s as ridiculous in other states. It’s an awesome decision to make. In NC, you have to have your CNA in order to become a nurse. I thoroughly enjoyed my CNA jobs and they changed me for the better. Best of luck. Xo

baetown-usa asked: Hey I'm currently recovering from opiate and benzo abuse and at this point what I'm struggling most with is body image. I lost so much weight and gained it back in my recovery and it sounds stupid but that's one of the most difficult things I've been struggling with. Do you ever feel this way in your recovery?


I haven’t gained much, but I have a friend that gained a lot when she got out of rehab. I think we replace drugs with other things, like food. On the bright side, the weight is MUCH easier to lose than kicking the drug habit again! A few extra pounds is healthier than drugs :)

Tried to throw a stuffed animal away. Looked at it in the trash bag and felt bad for it. Got it back out and put it on my shelf. #bpdprobs
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